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Quantum Theory, album review

Lektroid is back! Classy and spacey Electro Funk master Richard Elliot returns with his next self-released album called "Quantum Theory", 14 songs ( these are not "tracks" 😉 ) full of deeply emotive soundscapes, futuristic and skillful programming, and superb production, that will take you on a mystifying cosmic ride through the unknown layers of the Multi-verse.

Things start off with "Knowledge", an alluring Electro Funk jam with all the right elements: crisp basslines, spaced out sequencing, beautiful mesmerizing pads and strings, as classy 808s drop the beat and start the record. Next up, "Macrocosm" pushes forward with mystique, as it introduces innovative programming, and hands you a heavy dose of some of the most incredible melodies recorded in quite some time. This one touches deep within you, and inspires memories of a distant star that suddenly went Supernova.

"Fascination" seems to bring us to a steadier place, as calmness surrounds you while feeling your soul resonate to the sumptuous grooves you will find in this one. "Dark Matter" on the other hand starts to drop the funk as we begin to travel down the wormhole and into a place where the unseen envelopes all around you. Mysterious sonic manipulations seep in from every corner, as low and deep vocoders introduce 4x4 rhythms and a fabulous Detroit-styled bassline. Things break down soon enough into cool Electro beats as female vocal samples feed food for thought with ideas about one of the most intriguing aspects of the universe.

The suspense continues as "Supersonic" gets into gear, then seems to travel back to the future to a place where old school Rave energies dominated the scene, with acid sequences, and uplifting melodies. Seductive accompaniments, metallic stabs, shrill drones, and powerful beats will make you move as you embrace the warm synths that come in around at the chorus. Superb song! "Modular" comes up next, which you may remember from Dominance Electricity's "Global Surveyor Phase 3", and is a fave of the team. This one is a bit more retro in some ways, while also pushing forward with complex melodic arrangements, and skillful vocoders, which together create an incredible atmosphere of rich synthetic tones, and funky beats that will captivate as much as they will dominate your every move.

"Glow" gets real smooth, yet introduces rhythmic breakbeats and a bassline that reminds you of the early days of the 2000's when "Nu Skool Breaks" dominated the Rave scene. "Parametric Shift" on the other hand slows things down a bit, as it engulfs you with spacey pads, intriguing sequencing, and hypnotic vocals as the beat drops bass booms every so often. Soon we find one of the true gems of this album, "Energy Tech", which along with hints of Detroit, dives into a mystifying soundscape of mesmerizing synths, and inspiring melodic accompaniments as it breaks down into powerful beats reverberated with such class every so often.

We continue with the funky and intelligent "Moon Landing", featuring clips of JFK's famous "Man On The Moon" speech, full of gritty bass tones, and mind-bending swirls and sweeps that decorate the background with style. "True Rebels" starts off with Housey grooves, and gets joined by pulsating bass synths as beautiful melancholic stabs give it some soul. "Synthtone 1000" on the other hand starts to get back into the space funk with sinister 303s, and mischevious step sequencing. The beats in this one get really interesting as the claps spread out and reverberate in a very unique way. Pads adorn the space in between as they phase with gentleness coming together with hints of old school breaks.

Metropolis begins to lead us towards the end of this fantastic album with a good dose of energy, as warm basstones are met by shrewd sweeps, and classic acid lines. Soon enough the sentiment begins to pour in with sumptuous pads and arps that grace this unique song with such a subtle nature. Last but not least we have "Sci-Fi Jungle", the rebel of the pack, and quite a unique treat from Lektroid. Not since Mandroid's "No Space Left In Space", from his classic "Anti-Gravity Machines" album on FBI Recordings, have we had an homage to the sounds of Jungle, which in this fabulous song happens in a similar fashion, but with the artist's signature sound. Pulsing drones keep the suspense going as claves strike in the background with just the right touch of delays and reverbs. The beat slowly speeds up to tempo, as quirky sound effects dance around the elements of this production, which ironically enough turns into a beautiful, soothing masterpiece.

Lektroid continues building on his legacy as one of the rare talented Electronic musicians who attempts to push the music forward, while paying respects to the roots of the art in general, with well thought out melodic arrangements, clean production, well balanced dynamics, and innovative sound design and vocalizations that seems to be less prevalent in Electronic music as a whole; especially given the fact most artists these days seem to be using more and more sample packs, rather than starting from scratch, or learning the craft from the core up. This album is bound to be a timeless masterpiece, and will give you exactly what you need, when you need it. Get it now, and support! Available only on digital formats through Bandcamp, iTunes, Juno, Amazon, and most outlets where you buy this music.
- Santinto Fernandez

Source: TechnoBass.net