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LEK Productions
LEK Productions offers a number of services from music production to sound design. Dedicated to the underground dance movement, LEK Productions also offers services such as music for the film and game industries as well as sound design.

News and Releases

Lektroid - The LEK Productions Collection (Ozone Recordings)
Lektroid - Ruffneck Beats video (YouTube Link)
Lektroid - Journey Into The '80s (Ozone Recordings)
Music Technology University Project Brand new Lektroid EP on the horizon
Brainstormer – Brainstormer EP (9T2 Retroactive / LEK Productions)
Infinite Motion – Pamela (LEK Productions)
Lektroid - Beyond Theory (Album) (LEK Productions)

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Brief company history, with background of how LEK Productions came into being


full discography can be found here, including music videos and mastering credits. All fully linked to current and available back-catalogue releases


Images from the LEK Productions studio with full equipment list, including hand built gear.


LEK Productions offers a selection of services from music composition for the movie and game industries, to sound design and patch creation for hardware and software synthesizers