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LEK Productions also offers a number services, such as mastering, composition, and sound design for the movie and gaming industries, as well as soundbank and patch creation for both software and hardware synthesizers.


Mastering is the final touch on your music before it reaches the listeners ear. We take every aspect of mastering very seriously and treat every track individually with the highest regard for exemplary results. Definitive alignment for Album/EP consistency, corrective balance adjustment, stereo width enhancement using mid-side equalisation technology, and leveling your mixes for industry level maximisation, using multi-stage processing to retain essential dynamics whilst bringing you the most impact for your productions to stand head and shoulders above the competition.


Movie and game soundtrack composition is available from LEK Productions. We offer over 30 years experience in the music industry and treat every enquiry with the appropriate consideration necessary to fulfil all contracts within our capacity to the highest standards.

Sound Design

Sound effects and foley is also available from LEK Productions, whether you are looking for pragmatic audio creation or synthetic sounds often used in the futuristic and sci-fi industries. Our extensive knowledge and decades of experience in modular synthesizer design and creation has led to an indepth understanding of all aspects of synthesis in order to accomplish any sound design task with ease.

Video Production

Video editing and production is available, from basic packages to fully scored and narrated productions. Location videography and still photography for use within productions is also procurable in various situations.

Soundbank & Patch Creation

One of the biggest areas of interest within LEK Productions is sound synthesis, several decades of synthesizer design and creation at the electronics level has paved the way to a full understanding of sound synthesis. Soundbanks and patch creation is available for both hardware and software synthesizers.